Waxing vs Laser – How Do I Choose the Best Hair Removal Method for Me?


Waxing vs Laser – How Do I Choose the Best Hair Removal Method for Me?

The “waxing vs laser” question is frequently asked, but better reframed as “Which hair removal method is best for me? The choice between waxing and laser depends on your needs. Both waxing and laser are effective at removing unwanted hair on armpits, legs, bikini area, back, chest, shoulders, neck and face. Each method has pros and cons, so ultimately, the choice is personal.

Waxing vs Laser Hair Removal


Compared to shaving and plucking, wax hair removal is both more effective and longer lasting. Waxing pulls hair out by its root. In “hot waxing”, wax is applied directly to the skin and when it cools, removed along with the hair. In “strip waxing” (a type of hot wax method), wax is applied to a fabric strip. The wax strip is pressed onto the skin, allowed to cool and removed. Because the fabric strip can be cut into shapes, the aesthetician can precisely remove hair and shape an area. Read more about cold vs hot waxing.


The cost of waxing is less than laser, though over your lifetime you may spend more on waxing than you would if you had laser treatments.

Results are immediate.

Waxing is effective for all hair types and tones.

More readily available as a professional treatment or home treatment than laser.


The removal of wax from your skin does cause a little pain, although the discomfort is brief.

The results only last several weeks.

You’ll have to wait through a stubble period for your next waxing because hair needs to be ¼ inch long to be “trapped” by the wax. This length of growth usually takes a few weeks.

Depending on the area, you may have to wax several times or more per year.

Laser Hair Removal

In laser hair removal, a focused beam of light is absorbed by the melanin in skin and converted to heat that damages the hair follicle, dramatically reducing hair growth for many months. In some cases, follicles stop producing hair.


Results can last months to years depending on the number of treatments.

Can be used to remove hair at any area of the body.

Is less painful than waxing. The pulses of laser feel like small rubber band snapping against the skin.


Costs more per treatment than waxing, although once you’ve had a few treatments, you may not need another for many months or years.

Laser may not be effective for people with darker skin tones, depending on the type of laser used by the clinic or spa. This is not the case at From Hair On Salon because our two-in-one laser has an Nd:YAG mode effective for all skin tones.

Though there is some immediate improvement from one laser treatment (10-25% reduction), optimal results can take a few weeks as hairs shed.

To get more noticeable, longer lasting results, you’ll require several laser treatments per treatment area.

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