Lash & Brow

Lash & brow salon services for Port Moody and Coquitlam

Brow Tinting

If you’d like well-defined brow arches and brow tails and the appearance of dense brows, brow tinting is a long-lasting, no-hassle option. If your lashes are naturally sparse or light coloured, or if years of plucking have made your brows thin, tinting can give you dense looking, more beautifully shaped brows.

Brow tinting steps:

  • Makeup is removed, brows are cleansed
  • Our aestheticians choose a vegetable-based brow dye appropriate for your hair colour
  • Areas around the brow are protected with petroleum jelly
  • Dye is mixed with developer
  • Brow hair is brushed in its natural direction
  • Dye is painted on the brows, including fine hairs, giving the brow more length and creating a longer looking “brow tail”
  • Dye is left on the brow for several minutes until the colour sets
  • Dye residue is wiped off of the brows

Brow tinting takes about 30 minutes. Results are immediate and last for 4-6 weeks.

Lash Tinting

Lash tinting gives you lashes that appear longer and thicker without mascara or other aesthetic techniques such as permanent makeup. If you have naturally thin or light coloured lashes, or lashes that have become thin with age, tinting can help. Great lashes give you an open, alert, aesthetically appealing look that frames your eyes, making them “pop”.

Steps in eyelash tinting are similar to those in brow tinting:

  • Makeup is removed and lashes are cleansed
  • Our aestheticians choose a vegetable-based dye colour appropriate for your hair colour
  • Skin around your lashes is protected from staining by applying petroleum jelly
  • Dye is mixed with developer
  • Dye is brushed onto and around each lash from the base to the tip
  • Dye is left to set for a few minute
  • Dye residue is wiped off of the lashes
  • The process may be repeated until the desired effect is achieved

Lash tinting takes 45 minutes to 1 hour and lasts about a month.

Brow Waxing & Threading

From Hair On provides brow waxing or threading services to remove unwanted brow hair, define and shape your eyebrows.

With brow waxing, warm wax is applied to the brow and a cloth strip is held firmly over the wax and peeled off, removing unwanted hair.

With brow threading – an ancient technique that originated in Asia – an aesthetician “lassos” individual brow hairs with a loop of fine thread, removing each hair from its follicle.

Waxing is often faster than threading, though can be less precise and is not appropriate for people experiencing breakouts, skin issues, or who have recently had skin treatments such as retinol or chemical peels. Learn more about waxing & threading.

Brow waxing and threading both last from 4-6 weeks.