How Salons Fix Bad Hair Colour. Hair Colour Correction to the Rescue!

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How Salons Fix Bad Hair Colour. Hair Colour Correction to the Rescue!

There are many reasons hair colour correction is requested by From Hair Salon clients: wrong or unexpected colour, uneven colour, brassy tones, too dark or light, or a result that is harsh and unnatural. Whether you’re unhappy with salon hair colour or box colour you applied yourself, a salon colour specialist can often fix bad hair colour.

What is Hair Colour Correction?

Hair colour correction is a service that some salons offer to fix or improve common hair colour problems.

When correcting hair colour, a colour specialist starts with a consultation to determine:

  • The darkness or lightness of colour
  • The shade or hue
  • Hair texture and other characteristics that effect colour (texture, porosity, elasticity)
  • Client’s hair colour history
  • Type of colouring being corrected

Generally, hair colour correction falls into two main categories: tint-back or decolourization.

Tint-back is most commonly used when you want to go darker or return to your natural darker colour from blonde, light or bleached hair colouring.

Decolourization is most commonly used when your current hair colour is darker than the colour you’d like.

Source: Hair Colour for Hairstylists: Level 2 by Arden Magtiza is used under a CC BY 4.0 Licence.

Can Any Hair Colour Problem Be Fixed or Improved?

Most hair colour problems can be fixed or improved through hair colour correction techniques, depending on several factors, such as the health of the hair, hair colour history, type of colour being corrected, the desired result, and the expertise of the stylist. Read about colour theory as it applies to hair colour.

Tip: When looking for a hair colour specialist, read hair salon Google reviews before booking an appointment.

3 Main Types of Hair Colour Issues

There are three main types of hair colour problems: uneven colour, brassy tones, too dark or light.

Hair Colour Problem 1: Uneven Colour

Uneven colour commonly occurs when hair dye is applied incorrectly or inconsistently. This can result in patchy colour or streaks that lack subtlety and look unnatural.  Colour correction techniques involve assessing the uneven areas and applying the appropriate colour to create a harmonious and consistent look.

Hair Colour Problem 2: Brassy or Orange Tones

Brassy or orange tones are often the result of too much warmth being introduced to the hair during the colouring process. This can happen when bleaching dark hair or when using certain hair dye shades. Colour correction involves toning down the brassiness by neutralizing the unwanted warm tones and achieving a more natural-looking colour.

Hair Colour Problem 3: Overly Dark or Light Colour

Sometimes, hair colour can turn out much darker or lighter than intended. This may be caused by applying the wrong shade or leaving the colour on for too long or too short a time. Colour correction techniques involve either lightening or darkening the hair to achieve the desired shade, carefully considering the hair’s condition and ensuring minimal damage is caused.

Talk to a Hair Colour Correction Specialist

If you’re unhappy with your current hair colouring and are considering colour correction, book a consultation with a From Hair On Salon colour specialist. Call  604-936-8313 or submit a contact form. From Hair On is Port Moody’s favourite boutique salon and spa. Clients come to us from Port Moody, Coquitlam, PoCo and beyond for our expertise, inviting atmosphere and affordable salon pricing.