Author: From Hair On Team

The following hair care tips are important any time of year but especially important in spring, as the weather transitions from cooler rainy days to sunshine.Protecting your hair from the sun, staying hydrated, combatting frizz, and consistent trimming become more important in spring with its variable weather. If you have problems with your hair and scalp, you can try the following and discuss other ways to protect and improve your hair health with a From Hair Salon stylist.

Men usually don’t pay as much attention to their hair as women, but they should spend at least some time understanding what makes hair look great. It’s not difficult and takes little time. If you want to have great looking hair, these easy-to-follow tips will...

While anti-aging skin treatments can reverse or slow the effects that aging and the environment have on your skin, treatment costs can be a barrier to those with limited budgets. Whether you can’t afford treatments or are trying to keep the lid on spending because of inflation in an uncertain economy, there are less costly yet effective treatments that can help turn back the clock.