Spring Hair Care Tips for Healthier Hair

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Spring Hair Care Tips for Healthier Hair

The following hair care tips are important any time of year but especially important in spring, as the weather transitions from cooler rainy days to sunshine.

Protecting your hair from the sun, staying hydrated, combatting frizz, and consistent trimming become more important in spring with its variable weather. If you have problems with your hair and scalp, you can try the following and discuss other ways to protect and improve your hair health with a From Hair Salon stylist.

Guard Against Harmful UV Rays

Like skin, hair can become damaged from too much direct sunlight. UV rays damage the hair shaft and proteins in the hair as well as degrading hair pigment resulting in dull colour. The study “UV damage of the hair” recommends using hair care products that contain UV filters, much like sunscreen for the hair. A quick Google search for “UV protectant for hair” will reveal many options including sprays and oils.

If adding a UV protectant to your spring hair care regimen seems like too much work, you can also just remember to avoid being in the sun too long. Wearing a hat or scarf works, too!

Drink Plenty of Water

Your hair, like the rest of your body, depends on water for health. Water carries nutrients to every part of your body, including your hair. Dehydration can weaken hair, worsen scalp conditions such as dandruff, and result in brittle, dry, lifeless hair. So, drink plenty of water all year round.

Beat Frizzy Hair

Moisture in the air (in the form of rain or humidity) can cause hair to become frizzy. While you can’t avoid going outside, you can use shampoos, conditioners, oils and serums that are formulated to prevent and correct frizzy hair. From Hair On carries several Surface anti-frizz products.

You may also want to dial back the heat on your blow dryer and hold the dryer further from your hair while keeping it moving. If you keep the hair dryer stationary, it’s more likely to burn your hair.

Use a microfibre hair towel to dry your hair. Standard cotton towels tend to be rough textured and cause more friction, which can increase frizzies. Microfibre is smooth while also being absorbent.

Trim Your Hair Regularly

Last, but not least, any spring hair care regimen should include regular trims. While a hair trim every 6 weeks or so will keep your hair style looking great, it’s also better for your hair. If you leave split ends they continue to split further up, causing more visible damage to your hair and requiring you to cut off more hair. Regular trims can prevent spit ends from growing.

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