Hair & Aesthetic Treatments for a Fresh Start This Spring

Photo of cherry blossoms in spring

Hair & Aesthetic Treatments for a Fresh Start This Spring

Spring is a time of renewal and growth and not just in nature. This time of year, people feel better and want to look their best, too. It’s a scientific fact, though we didn’t need science to tell us that we feel better in spring!

The reason we feel better in spring is associated with an increase in sunlight hours. Warmer temperatures and other signs of spring are welcome after a dull, wet, West Coast fall and winter, but it’s sunlight that affects our mood the most. Studies have found a direct correlation between sunny days and a positive outlook. In one study, respondents reported “higher life satisfaction compared to those surveyed on days with ‘mixed or bad weather’”.

What does this have to do with hair and aesthetics? People want to greet spring with an equal proportion of renewal in their lives. We get “spring fever”, and ‘Yes’, the phenomenon is real, according to studies. In spring, we feel restless because of our restored vigour. We may want to get outside more, exercise, spend more time with friends or even fall in love. A makeover is one way to meet spring with a sense of personal renewal. Look better…feel better. It’s a mind thing!

Three great hair and aesthetic treatments that can quickly renew and polish your look for spring are: a hair style and colour, European facial and hair removal.

Hair Style & Colour

A new hair style and full colour or highlights is probably the easiest way to dramatically refresh your appearance. People notice your hair, and everyone knows that there is nothing better than a cut ‘n colour to noticeably (and quickly) refine your appearance!

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European Facial

A European facial cleanses, exfoliates and refreshes your skin, but did you know that a facial can be customized to address common skin concerns? From Hair On aestheticians can extract blackheads and whiteheads and create custom masks that reduce inflammation, even out skin tone, prevent excessive dryness or oiliness and reduce hyperpigmentation.

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Hair Removal

Unwanted hair is often unsightly. Refine your spring look with facial hair waxing or threading or get the smooth legs you’ve always wanted with waxing or laser hair removal.

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Renew Your Look This Spring at From Hair On

If you’d like a spring makeover, our stylists and aestheticians can suggest a combination of hair services and aesthetic treatments that will refresh your look. Call 604.936.8313 or send us a message. You’ll see why From Hair On is Port Moody’s favourite boutique salon and spa.